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Sunday, 25-Feb-2007 11:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
awesome weekend at auckland domain before my nightmare starts.

the orchestra. ni zoom. so sorry tak clear.
we bought a light stickkk.
and make a heart out of it to show our loveeee.
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basically, ni a batch of pictures time jazz in the park tadi yg aku pi.
people were swing dancing and all. i was so excited seeing them dancing. haha gila hebat wei seriouslyyyy. awesome music, awesome people. i cant stop taking pictures of the cute kids all around. hahahah gila comel. macam nak makan nyamnyam.

the night before we went to the starlight symphony hosted by skycity. there was this orchestra playing great music. AHHH. and great singers sang great songssss and i was so excited. and plus at the end of the show there was mercury light show or something. which was awesome, btw. andd to top it all off, an awesome fireworks display. gila babi bes ohkayy. depa tembak bunga api tu ikut melody lagu. time lagu laju, tembak banyak2 bunga api yg besaq2, time slow, bunga api pon cam ikut slow dan kecik. ahhh besssss.

so yeah, i had a great weekend. and i hope you did too.

ah the nightmareeee.
i still feel like im on holiday.

Friday, 23-Feb-2007 01:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
auckland, second episode. picture heavyyy! (sorry)

yeah. rumput.
hahaha aku sesorg sbb org lain lompat awai. ahahaha
gambaq gedik. ahahahahhahaa
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so these are the pictures me and mira took on our so-called "trip" to the beach. ahaha. we got lost. went into this bush walk. then jumpak LAUTTTTT!

hahaha so syiok ok. i mean, we walked and walked and then found this sort of abandoned house and ada cam a bridge then ada curam sket and then trus kat bawah tu laut. but no sand la. but stilll sangat cantikkkkkkkkk.

so that day the skies werent blue enough. and agak mendung2. so gambaq jadi gelap. so i edited them. ngeh.

and oh, the first few pictures tu time pi tgk epsom campus, where the edu faculty is. so tgkap gambaq with frens. after all that baru jalan dua org ngan si miramon. huhu


Saturday, 17-Feb-2007 17:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hello auckland!

panas buntut dlm airplane makes me go cuckoo.
mira eksen tolak troli.
aku eksen tolak troli.
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so ive been here since the 14th. auckland is soo pretty. the people are friendly. they smile and say hello to you. the skies are blue. the grass is green. vibrant colours everywhereeee. it's just awesome. andddd i think i may bumped into like, 50+ good looking people, male andddd female per day. hahahah maori ka samoan ka omputeh ka suma ensem dan cantik. ahahahahahaha. penat mata aku melihat. ahahahahahahahaha. so halal food isnt hard to get here. if im lazy or anything just pop in some kebab shop. they have halal meat for the kebab. it's still summer here. my class will start on the 26th. so yeah, that's pretty much it actually. gonna update more later

Monday, 5-Feb-2007 09:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark

going to penang.
stuck in jam.
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shanghai was awesome. a bit cold for my liking, tho. but still awesome, nevertheless.

didnt go to the historical places. we focused mainly on shopping. ahahaha so we went to shopping places. we stayed in ramada hotel, which was a very good hotel, very comfy, and very near to a few malls. gila bes ok. hahaha. i mean, u go out of the hotel building, and there are like 4 or 5 malls to choose from around it. how cool is that?

butttt, most of the stuff were only for winter. the clothes, i mean. so i managed to buy one very cute, with large buttons, grey wintercoat. ahahah sgt comel. wanted a green one. but it's more like a jacket and mom insisted on me buying something that is longer. so yeah, i bought the grey one.

went to the underground market. aweeeesommmmmeeee. bes ok. lots of accesories there. bought a pair of necklaces for zai and meself and bought my big, brown, with a lot of space handbag. hahaha. and bought one for my sis too.

there were a LOT of people in shanghai. if you go out in the evening, the sidewalks would be CROWDED. and even though the traffic isnt that bad, but shanghainese lovveeee to honk their horns. i mean lots of time. aaaa. so that's a bit annoying. andddd they LOVE to SPIT EVERYWHERE gila geli ok. like, seriously geli. so i sort of look out for spits on the ground sbb so geli la kalo stepped on them. gila banyakkkk ludahhh. aku geli geli geli ewww. and brapa kali tah i actually nampak org ludah yang kroih kroih ptuihh camtu. haha geliiii. andddddd banyak gak people dat pick their noses in public. AAAA GELIIII.

oh another great place is The Bund. didnt manage to go on the cruise. but we did go on the train to this very psychedelic tunnel. gila bes ok. i have always love lights. and in the tunnel mmg macam twilight zone. hahaha. they divided the tunnel into different sections. ada "heaven and hell", ada "underwater world" lagi apa tah lagi. banyak ah. bes wei. serious. hahaha. it's just for a short while, tho. but still sgt bes. aku suka yeyeye.

so as you can see, i took A LOT of pictures. hahaha there were too many things to capture. some were edited. some werent. my nikon s10 isnt that bad, really. the contrast is pretty awesome. haha. although nite pictures ada noise. tp not that bad. i figured out that to reduce all the noise, i need to use the museum mode. kiranya shutter dia lama sket but not as long as yang mode for fireworks. so yeah. i guess i did ok. hahaha

oh lupa. pi mana mana pon surely ada mcd, kfc ngan haagen daz. haha. saja nak ckp. haha.

so enjoi
(oh ni saja la aku busan. so edit2 ha blur2 suma haha saja ngada. nyenyeh)

Friday, 26-Jan-2007 16:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sketches. ohohoho

ni sbb tato nak lukeh apa sbenaqnya. hahaha
ni copy from my picture.
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okay, so you know im always bored.
so yeah, i got a new book. and they're filled with sketches by yours truly.
constructive criticism is much appreciated. i know i dont draw that well. hahaha but i just love to draw. but i dont know what to draw. so i copied from pictures that i took and some pictures on the net that im fond of. some of these sketches senget senget laa, tak proportionate laa. but wadehey. at least i filled up my time. hahahaha.

so dont laugh. at least not that hard. hahahaha

ps: some pictures are copied from here:


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