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Thursday, 28-Dec-2006 08:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
postcards for rantai.

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so yeah, these are the postcards. didnt think anyone would buy them at first. haha then surprisingly, most of them were bought. and the ones that werent bought were given to my friends. ngehngeh

so if ure interested to buy them, just msg me on myspace or here and tell which of these you would like to have. they're rm3 per piece. but i can post them to you, if you want. so that would make the price go higher as i need to pay for the postal service and stuff. so just leave your address in my inbox or something.

i think i'd be easier to just do everything on myspace. bcos i open it everyday. okay?


Sunday, 30-Jul-2006 08:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
satu hari di tasik perdana.

ai em spaidermennnnn
kakak dan saya.
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so, i went to lake garden with my kakak, nadiah and abang, najib. and the kids, of course, emir, farhan and ejat. and also, my sister's friend, kak maya.

these are only my pictures. bgnajib tangkap. and i edited to make the pictures more, umm, me. haha. itu pon only part of it. since i havent updated for a while, so i thought curi the pictures from bgnajib and put them here. hahaha. but banyak sangat maka, amek gambaq aku aja. huahuahaua. you can see the rest at

itu aja dong. byebye.

Monday, 3-Jul-2006 14:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
yay. more toys.

ini lala.
ini tora.
ini moomoo.
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wuwuwu. these are the toys that ive sewn for the past couple of days. sold them to my friends. ada lagi another 20something toys to be made. adoi penatt. hahaha tapi dah mau uwang.. maka, perlu bekerja. uyah uyah uyah.

so anyone yang interested to order, lambat sket yeh. furthermore, assignments are coming in like people dumping shit. hahahahaha. demit. huhu

Sunday, 18-Jun-2006 17:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hasil kerja saya. haha

saya sayang beg saya. haha
the back part of the bag.
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i did these during my hols.
the red superbear is for emir, the blue konon batman for farhan and the green otomen is for ejat. fyi, depa anak2 buah aku ha. hahaha. farhan yang mintak aku buat batman pehtu bila dah siap yg otomen tu dia nak hat tu lak. pehtu sebbaik la ejat ni bengong2 sket dia tak kesah la apa yg dia dpt as long dia dpt ja. hahaha cumel.

kalo sapa nak bli, buleh ja aku buleh buat. gahahahahah. beg ka apa ka suma buleh. cewah. tumpang buat bisnes kat sini. auww. hahaha

Saturday, 17-Jun-2006 09:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the fun ones.

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yay. i love these. bcos they have balloons in em. hohok. colourful and fun. heeeee. too bad dayme wasnt in the pictures. hu.

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