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Tuesday, 13-Jun-2006 14:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the classical ones.

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so this was some sort of experiment of mine to do something different than something that i used to do. huhu.

Tuesday, 13-Jun-2006 06:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the postcards.

awan is cantik.
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it has been a while since i last post something here. dah tadak camera nak wat camnaaaa. maka, these are the postcards that were available at the art market these few weeks back at galeriiizu. huhu. suma ni yang first printing punya. nanti aku post hat 2nd that i added to the collection.

Thursday, 27-Apr-2006 14:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark

it was raining at that time.
near senja.
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so, these are some pictures i took around ipba.
surprisingly, they dont really look like they're in ipba.
siapa sangka ipba ropanya indah.

then today, went up the hill near the library to snap some sillhoutte (sp?) pictures.
uu ai laik. aha aha aha aha XD
sebbaik sillhoutte ha. kalo dak malu ai tau baju terangkat. auwwww

Monday, 24-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
immortelle prom and quiksilver party.

during the soundcheck
me and april
nik, aizat, april, suemay and neo.
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finally, the prom arrived. haih. sangat hectic okay the whole dayy. at the lastttt minute they told us to prepare the backdrop for the stage. so went around the night before with qailun and william to find for the stuff we need. luckily ada gak kedai bukak ha juai polystrene tgh2 malam. haha. then the next day, woke up early in the morning to find more stuff that we need. glitter, more polystrene and all of that sort. worked our asses off from morning till 4pm. aku burn gila babs. huahhhh

then, went to the hotel, we cudnt set the things up straight away bcos click5 was doing their soundcheck. CLICK5 GILA CUTE OKAYYYYY. hahahaha. oh and we left the important stuff in the taxi so berlari lari ke sana ke mari membeli lain brg2 that we need. finished all the stuff at 730, mind you. and the event was supposed to start at 730pm. haha. bodoh dah la the click5 poster which we had to pin up on the backdrop was bloody big. skali dgn marigold peel fresh punya iklan tu besaq nak mati so hasil hempas pulas tak diletak on the backdrop. yg ada was just the butterflies and some stars. haishh.

basically, apart from the very hectic part, the night was pretty okay. kot. i mean it was okay because i had suemay and dayme with me. and click5 was there. but i didnt really feel the prom-ish atmosphere. it's more like clubbing lah. sbb lagu2 dia ha suma jenih2 tu. except for click5 tu la main pop. slow songs tadak. busan ah. kalo nak buat baik buat btoi2. ngehhh. basically biasa aja lah the night. but i think everyone looked absolutely gorgeous lah. haha for the night only lah.


then the next day, went to sunway with mira and suemay and dayme. mandi sampai hitam. penat kemudian pulang ke rumah. uh byk org kacak tato nak ckp pa. hahahahhahhaa

btw, if u guys were wondering, aku guna camera aku ha yg cucuk2 pin tu ha tgkap all de pictures.hahahah SANGAT PATHETIC OKAYYY. hahahahahaha

Saturday, 22-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
concert malam indonesia.

eating at mcd.
yok makan.
suemay got excited.
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i was bloody excited for the day to come. haha got the tickets at the last minute. it wasnt even in my budget okayyy. haha but it was worth it lah.

so met up with the guys to watch gubra at timesquare before the concert starts. for me, gubra is a good movie. sepet was a good movie. but gubra is deeper. it touches a lot more aspects compared to sepet. sepet touches on the lives of two teenagers from different backgrounds falling in love and their love cant prevail. sepet is realistic. gubra is even more realistic. i can actually relate to the movie. the things they show actually happened. so.. yeah, gubra is a bit more adult kot. nevertheless, there was this one part i didnt quite agree. the part where the bilal pats the dog. yeah sure, maybe what yasmin wanted to portray was that every single being in this world is God's creation, but it is stated in black and white that dogs are haram kan. and mmg sah sah taleh pegang anjing tu ha. regardless whether the dog is in a dry condition or whatever sbb anjing tu mmg sah sah ha anjing. plus, he's on his way to the surau la. unless yasmin add a part where the bilal samak his hands after patting the dog, thennn it'll be okay. no?

well, that's just my two cents.

anyway, the concert rocked hard. haha. i dont really listen to indonesian songs (with the exceptance of sheila on 7, of course), but i enjoyed myself. nyahahahaha gila ah nyanyi mcm gila. wahahahaha. now , i cant wait for so7 to come here for their promotion. wahhhhh.

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