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Friday, 21-Apr-2006 06:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark

let's go to the zoo, ramei org disituuuu
ely and me.
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sorry for being too damn lazy to update. haha. so now im updating batches of pictures at one go. nyahahaha.

so this was the day that i went to the zoo with suemay, mira, ely and kai. it was fun. been a while since i last went there. too bad my camera was broken the night before, so i had a bit of problems to take lots and lots of pictures. nyeh.

but anyway, still there are lots of pictures. hoho. so kai blanja-ed us icecream yg sudah cairrrrrrrrr. haha so kesedapan koneto cookies n cream tersebut sudah kurang. haih. took some pictures, watched the animal show (which i loved, by the way) then went back home. and oh, i lost the button to snap pictures tu at the zoo

ate lunch (thanks sbb blanja. nyahahah) then went out with a bunch of suemay's friends for karaoke. hahaha nyanyi mcm gila. ai laik. ate dinner then before going back, i went around to ask about how to repair my camera. most of the shops said that it'll take a while to repair the camera and it'll definitely cost me a fortune


Monday, 17-Apr-2006 02:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

mukaku penyek!
look at the one with the straight tail. haha mcm nak kentut
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we went to genting last saturday. it was bloody fun! nyeahaha. kononnya nak celebrate zai's bday. huhu. went on allllll the thrill rides. the best was the space shot. the stupidest was the pirate whatever tah. konon cam umah antu ah. bodoh nak mati. oh the other stupid thing was the space adventure pa natang bodoh tah. hahaha.

but still, i dont think any of the thrill rides could top off Tomahawk of cosmoworld in timesquare. itu ah bagi aku paling menakutkan. hahaha.

but whatever it is, genting was fun. surely la dah pi ngan kawan2. huhu

Friday, 14-Apr-2006 01:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ke hadapan cik izyan.

serius sket. nyaha
haha aku nak buat gak katun2. uyeh lalala
nah amek ang. aku tato nak buat pa. jadik cam bodoh ja. muahahaha

Monday, 3-Apr-2006 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
april 1st adalah bes. uyah!

anum and najadz.
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so, although im not a renjer myself, tapi buat bodoh pi ja bcos bosan. the whole thing turned out to be fun! haha. met lots of new people. org2 sengal adalah bagos. hahaha. felt intimidated of their supercameras. haha sialan btoi bila nak kaya. nak camera baru. haiyah.

then, after all the picture-taking, went to see ice age 2. superb, i tell you. haha. sangat bes okayyyy. so, go see. after the movie, met up with najib at bangsar and went to sepetik telunjuk. met some of the renjers there, and a couple of my brother's friends. saw some people from myspace. and also kori and sopi. so there.

basically, it's a fun day

Sunday, 2-Apr-2006 19:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark

kori dan sopi.
muka pailang. hahaha
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went out to midv to meet up with the prom committee. blablabla then we met kori and sopi. jalan jalan without spending any money. except for the food. elaun tadak. huk. so here are the pics.

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