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Tuesday, 21-Mar-2006 14:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark

at the jetty.
malap sket kaler dia.
emir and farhan.
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some pictures i took during my hols and after.

during the hols my parents took the children for a ride on the boat. haha. they were excited la kan obviously. then some pics i took while we were on the road to come back to kl. pehtu gambaq tgkp kat klcc park. we woke up bloody early for this, suemay mira and me. woke up at 7 dgn tak mandinya (tp berus gigi aaaa haha) pi park tgkp2 gambaq pehtu balek. then kluaq balek to watch tristan and isolde, which was brilliant btw. met up with encik freaqk/hafiz/kai. then balek. huhu


Monday, 6-Mar-2006 01:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
what are the bloody chances?

suemay dengki tangkap gambaq aku bagi blur. hahaha
fedi nuril dan nabila XD

so yesterday, went out with suemay to watch fun with dick and jane. but since, there wasnt a time that's pretty much suitable for us, so we end up watching garasi instead. it's a typical indonesian movie with the same kind of storyline. you know, girl meets boy, boy likes girl, both kissed blablabla, both trying to ignore the fact they're falling each for each other and at the end, both love each other blablabla.

nyehhh, i know.

but none the less, the actor was bloody cute, i tell u lah. hahaha.

so anyway, after that went to topshop just to look around. and suddenly, there's this guy came in and suemay was like "shit, mamat tu sangattt macam garasi!" so i looked, then dok la pandang punya pandang pehtu i felt the same thing lah. duduk lama gila ah kat topshop sbb nak confirm whether or not he is the guy. then, heard him talking to this other guy, which turns out to be the director of the film, in indonesian. sooooo we were star-strucked like hell lah. hahahah XD

then, nampak ja that he's alone, suemay went to him and asked "kamu pelakon garasi ya?" then he said "iya." then we were like "WAHHHH!!"

ahaha sangat jakun. yaya i know. haha. but still, he's bloody cute la wei. cant help ourselves. so asked him how long had he been here, how old is he, blabla. then took pictures XD XD XD XD

so if anyone of you out there looks like him or at least has the same style, contact me okay? hahahahahahahahhhahahahahaha. i am a bloody loser. wahahaha XD

Thursday, 2-Mar-2006 10:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark

bangun pagi untuk basuh baju. hahaha
menahan pening. haha
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ive finished my one of my assignments yang betimbun mcm nak mati yesterday. philosophy punya. adei laa. go go go nabbbb. hu.

so now update gambaq dulu then sambung. uyeh.

went out to cosmoworld with suemay, shal and mira. gila ah bes. wooooooot! XD naik sampai rasa nak muntah yg teruk. but we didnt eat anything much so tak muntah la. haha. gila ah bes. adui. i only sempat buat two rounds of everything, well except the izzy dizzy. gila pening dan busan. hahaha. wuu paling bes would definitely be tomahawk or however that spells lah. hahahaha. aduhh bes bes bes! XD then went karaoke. we didnt know there are small boxes. dah la satu lagu rm1 ja. haha bantai sampai 13 lagu! muahahaha wahhh karaoke i like aha aha aha. suemay shal n me sang like crazy. hahaha. ada one time shal tesilap kick in the song code then keluaq sm salim lagu dongdangdengdang pa tah. hahahaha. lawak ah.

basically, hari itu adalah sangat bes XD wuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwu.

then the next day, i went out with zai to go shopping. haha. paid half for the things she bought. haha advanced bday present lah konon. then suemay join us sbb supposedly she went out with azerque but since banjir, kensel de mensel. huu.

lagi apa eh? haaa. finally, i met up with dd the dodo the dede. haha. she's nice. i like her. wuh ciskek mmg sdp. wahhhh. arineh my housemates ajak kuaq lagi makan cake but since baru ja makan aritu, tak kuaq ah jawabnya. haih duit duit duit.

sooo enjoy de pictures lah. haha gambaq2 bodoh mcm tahi. uyeh

Sunday, 19-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

saya suka awan.
awan sangat cantik.
the sunset outside my room.
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i was bloody bored. so went out alone to sg wang to get some cds. bought kt tunstall and low millions. uh elaun masok dah so gona get new ones. muahahahahaha. duit sangat sronok. uyeh uyeh XD

Saturday, 18-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
prom meeting and photoshoot.

pu pu pu.
iklan suemay. haha.
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so we went to rum jungle for the photoshoot. i dont know how the pics turn out to be, tak tgk lagi. but saw the photographer's fotopages, and his stuff are pretty good, so hopefully all turns out okay lah.

nyeheh. the models were good looking. well, not all la kan. haha. i like the guy in the pink shirt. muahahahahahaha XD

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